Ruger SP101 Match Champion

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  1. RFF

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    I've had several SP101's in .357 Mag as well as several GP100's. I'm a revolver nut but have to ask why? If I'm going to have a 4" + barrelled .357 Mag it's going to be a 6 shot or more. Why not a Match Champion version of the 8 shot Redhawk .357 Mag? Just my opinion.

    Nice looking revolver though if a long barrel 5 shot trips your trigger.........

  2. buster40c

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    I think I would go to the GP100 MC before this SP101 MC. The price also seems to be about 2-300 more than the standard SP101 and probably about same price as a GP100 MC. The only reason I could see buying it would be if someone wanted a little smaller lighter gun than the GP. With 357 magnum lighter isn't IMO better. But to each his/her own.

    Notice the flip of the gun in his hand when he fires it. Yup it's a hand full for sure. I see 38 spl in it more than 357 mag but if you want a hand cannon have at it.
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  3. SavageGuy

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    What exactly is the difference between this and a regular sp101 4.2"? Doesn't seem like they're that different
  4. buster40c

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    What Ruger says is that being a Match Champion version it has had trigger work and internals polished like the GP100 MC has. It could be the cylinder lock up is improved over the standard SP101 to be stronger also. It also has adjustable rear sight and supposedly better front sight.
    Just like the GP100 the GP100 MC is about $200 or more costly. This SP101 MC is following that pricing it seems.
  5. JohnR

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    Polished stainless! Pretty!

    Kinda like a S&W...
  6. Tommycourt

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    One nice looking pistol but I question the reason for only 5 rounds. Also with the wood grips, I think shooting .357 would certainly be a handful. But I guess it's all that one would want as we all have different uses and needs. Personally the GP100 certainly fills my needs. Just MHO!

  7. ifithitu

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    I think the SP 101 .357 Mag. 4" MC, is a very nice revolver. It cost about as much as my GP 100 .357 Mag. 4'" MC. $ 875.00+. I hope they come down on the price,i'd love to own one.
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    My GP100 3" with fixed sights cost me $617.

    The GP101MC was $688 compared to the SP101 with the 4 inch barrel which was quoted to me at $593. These are OTD prices.

    The differences between the SP101 and SP101MC are the grip, polished internals, and crowned barrel. The MC is a much better feeling gun to me than the standard SP101. The grip on the standard model is just a bit too small for my tastes. The difference in price between the MC and standard is made up for in the trigger job and new grips I would have done to the standard model. Honestly, I would not have bought an SP101 with the 4 inch barrel. The MC was one of those "just right" things though. I liked it the second I put it in my hand.

    The difference between the SP101MC and my 3 inch GP 100 is size and weight, apart from the obvious 1 round more capacity. The SP101 was noticeably lighter when I picked it up. A look at the Ruger Web page shows the 3 inch GP100 is 6 oz heavier than the SP101MC, the 4 inch GP100 is 10 Oz heavier.

    Honestly, had the SP101MC been available when I purchased the GP100, I would not have bought the GP100. Although I call the GP100 my BBQ Gun, the real reason I bought the GP100 was just to have a 357 magnum. I am more likely to holster the GP100 (have not purchased a holster for it yet), the SP101MC will probably never see more than a gun rug.

    If all goes to plan, I will have the SP101MC paid out in 9 more weeks. It was an admitted impulse buy and I wasn't prepared for the purchase. :eek: