Ruger Snob?

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    Most of my handguns have been imports. From the Phillipines, South America, Italy ( the box said Made in USA, but the gun was stamped italy, go figure). My rifles and .22 and .32 handguns were made in the USA. The rifles and handguns being the single shot break barrel type. Fond of them, but unfortunately they are no longer manufactured. And I have a few milsurps and a couple of Frankengun AR's that I built.

    With the demise of my favorite rifle, and the loss of 3 of my handguns due to the Taurus class action, I decided to change over to only US made. My choice was Ruger. Since I am predominantly a fan of the Revolver (with exposed hammers), the LCRX was my choice. The rifles were going to be the American Predators in .223 and .308, plus the American Ranch in .300 BLK. The 9mm American Pistol and the LCPII were going to be thrown in for good measure.

    All started well. Got the LCRX's, the American Pistol and the LCP II. Then things went South. I met a man who was liquidating his Ruger collection. His health was fading and he had no one who wanted, or as he stated, who needed, his guns. I ended up with a SR1911, Super Blackhawk, Single Six Convertible, Bearcat, GP100, and a couple of SP101's. All stainless, all new in box, never fired.

    Here is my dilemma. I want my bolt guns, but I no longer want the American's. I want the Hawkeye Predator, the Hawkeye Varmint, and the Gunsite Ranch. And since they don't make a 77/300 BLK I'll take a 77/357 too. I feel like I'm drinking wine on a beer budget.
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    Life often throws a monkey wrench into our plans. I have a friend who was not going to have rifles anymore, his adult son in Phoenix,Az is a long range shooter. My friend went for a visit and of course they went shooting. After dropping plates at 800 yards, my friend is once again hooked. Like you I have another friend who has gone all Ruger, I suppose there are worse things to do.:D

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    My arsenal (been reading Facebook lately - talk about polarized!) is mostly Ruger, but seasoned with other marks. My LGS just got in an RAR Ranch in 7.62x39; a carbine, designed to use the Mini-30 magazines. Comes with an AR-style rail for mounting glass, no sights, ~16" barrel. Brownish flavored colors all over; quite light, w/o ammo anyway. Ought to fit well in a reasonably wide niche. Not the niche I inhabit nowadays, though.
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    Oh such a problem you have. It is a common problem around here though. You have one really good collection going now and it will only grow bigger.
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    My "collection" is quite small and only has one Ruger but that one is my carry piece, and that makes it the most important. Otherwise I just have a Winchester, an Ithaca, and an AR at the moment.

    The Hawkeye Predator is a very interesting rig. If I had the time to shoot it I'd have one. Ruger is my favorite gunmaker. Not only for the good quality and service, but also their defiance of the antis. They basically have given the Brady crowd the finger at every turn and I love it.