Ruger Single Six Hunter Range Report and Impressions

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by Redleg, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Redleg

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    Last summer I picked up a Single Six Hunter. This is a little different than the other Single Six models. It has a 7.5" barrel and a beaded front sight that is mounted differently and shaped differently than the other Single Six models. The rear sight is a "V" type like the Mark III Hunter. This gives you an interesting sight picture with the dot of the bead just over the vertical white line of the rear sight V.

    I was shooting indoors. I think that the bead-type front sight is much better out of doors where there is better lighting, but one does what one can. You pretty much have to learn to like the bead sight because I am unaware of any other sights that are available for the Single Six Hunter. Of course it is worth mentioning that the Single Six Hunter has the proprietary Ruger scope accommodations on the barrel. I found that I did not like shooting the revolver with a scope. The cowboy-style grip did not seem to me to lend itself to the weight of the scope, and if you were shooting this revolver much with a scope you would want a sandbag rest IMO.

    Like other Single Sixes, this revolver comes with both a 22 Magnum and 22 LR cylinder.

    My copy has a few tooling marks, mainly on the ejector housing along the barrel and some scratches elsewhere on the barrel. This would no doubt offend some purists, but overall this is a sharp-looking handgun that is definitely intended for shooting, not looking.

    Well, anyway I have been intending to give this revolver a thorough range session to get familiar with it and finally got it to the range yesterday. I was shooting cheap Centurion .22LR and somewhat better .22WMR ammo.

    Not sure if it was me, the ammo, or what, but the SS Hunter shot a LOT better with the .22WMR. Again, I'm not sure that this was a fair comparison because the Centurion ammo is not the best. But the difference in the shot groups was remarkable. Shooting at 10 yards I was getting half-dollar sized groups and better with .22WMR while my .22 LR groups were, shall we say, modest. Another time I will splurge and shoot some CCI or good Winchester .22LR to see if the groups tighten up.

    I really enjoyed shooting .22WMR out of this revolver. It is a tack driver with this caliber, and the long sight radius and overall heft of the revolver made shooting .22WMR seem very natural.

    Anyway, for those who care, here is a picture of the revolver.
  2. chsparkman

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    That's a gorgeous weapon. I have a Bisley hunter in .41 mag and I love it. Now you've got me thinking about that one.

  3. bikeride4fun

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    Great report and good looking gun.....
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    Muy buena pistola. It is really sharp looking. Good report too.;)
  5. stalkingbear

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    There's 2 possible reasons for the less than stellar accuracy with the .22LR. Number 1, which you already are aware of, is it may not "like" that .22LR ammo. The second reason is common with all .22LR/.22mag convertibles, and that is barrel diameter. 22LR ammo is heel based and .222 diameter whereas .22mag ammo is .224, the same as almost all .22 centerfires (with older Hornet bullets coming to mind as the exception). Therefore the Ruger Single Six convertible revolvers feature .224 groove diameter so as not to drive up excessive pressure when shooting .22mag. Hope this helps. Neil
  6. Redleg

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    Thanks for the info, Neil. I intend to give the SS Hunter a try with some spiffier ammo than the Centurion that I was shooting to see how it goes.

    The revolver is a tack driver with .22 WMR.
  7. Range

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    I loved my Single Six and your right, they are tack drivers with 22 mag. stalkingbear is absolutely right as to the reason for this. In my opinion, the Single Six is one of the best looking revolvers ever made. Congratulations!
  8. Redleg

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    All true. I just got back from the range. Shot both .22WMR and .22LR. For the LR I shot Winchester subsonic LHP, which is pretty decent ammo, I think. The groups were better than last week shooting the Centurions, but the .22WMR groups are still better.

    The SS Hunter really shines as a .22WMR six-shooter! It gets a lot of attention at the range for its good looks, too. (As do I, from the ladies, of course. :cheesy: )
  9. steadyshot

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    Very nice indeed!