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At last month's SHOT show the fine folks over at Sturm, Ruger, as always, came correct with a number of new guns in the lineup. This year's entries include a pair that are new and very colorful takes on classic handguns.

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What we know

The annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show-better known as the SHOT Show, put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is the showplace that gun makers from around the world come to every year to introduce new products. Typically, the global firearms industry keeps their latest and greatest under wraps until the show, and then announces them with a bang. This year Ruger arrived with two new pistols that are sure to turn heads on the range.

The LCP Custom

Ruger really broke the mold a few years ago when they introduced the Light Compact Pistol (LCP, pronounced by those in the know as "Elsee Pea"), their .380ACP pocket pistol that gave thirty caliber performance in a frame size that had been the territory of .22/25 mouse guns. The line served as the base for the now wildly popular LC9 and LC380 series gun, but Ruger isn't leaving Elsee behind.

The new Custom model will features a polished, stainless steel guide rod; wide red-anodized, skeletonized aluminum trigger and photoluminescent front sight with a drift adjustable rear sight. The fact that these are factory standard right out of the box is what's so cool.

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"There is no denying the success of the LCP," remarked Mike Fifer, CEO of Ruger in a release obtained by Ruger Talk. "As a rugged and reliable Ruger, its introduction brought the class of ultra-compact pistols to the mainstream shooting market. Now, with its easier-to-see sights, wider trigger, and stainless steel guide rod, the LCP Custom will continue to serve law-abiding citizens as the best in its class" he concluded.

The new offering isn't a huge price jump either. In fact, its only $30 more than the standard LCP model.

The Blue 22/45 Lite

Bill Ruger started his company back in the 1940s by making a sweet shooting 22LR semi-auto pistol in his garage. Based on the Japanese Baby Nambu with Mr. Ruger's own genius twists and American manufacturing expertise, this Standard pistol became the company's initial offering into the gun world and, having gone through a myriad of tweaks and upgrades over the past seven decades, the "Red hot and new" Blue 22/45 Lite was introduced at SHOT Show this year.

Based on the 22/45 Lite that was introduced three years ago, this new 23-ounce pistol with its polymer 1911-styled lower grip on a CNC-machined aluminum receiver is still outfitted with a 4.4-inch stainless barrel. What's so groovy about this new gatt is the deep blue anodized receiver with shark gill pattern side vents that really gives an aftermarket custom plinker look without the accompanying price.

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Ruger really seems to be paying attention to the fact that everyone likes accessorizing their handguns and these come optic-ready with an installed Picatinny rail and 1/2"-28 muzzle and thread protector.

It is a reality that suppressor-ready firearms from the factory are becoming the norm. In just the past four years, suppressor ownership across the country has doubled from 285,000 registered cans in 2011 to more than 571,000 today. No less than 39 states allow ownership of NFA-registered suppressors, and most of these further allow their use in hunting, with this club increasing every year. In 2014 alone, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama all expanded this right to their sportsmen, while Florida is considering doing the same.

MSRP for the Blue 22/45 Lite is listed as $515 while the LCP Custom is $419
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