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    100% in agreement with that. And you will note it happens mostly with what America produces in house. They are cutting cost anyway they can, pure shareholder profit margins.
    The crap coming in from overseas doesn't matter because it's so cheap to produce over there.

    I had to smile when S&W started offering a lifetime warranty, but unlike the gimmicks by Taurus and few others at least for now they are not charging for the shipping label, however a while back over on the main S&W forum there was a discussion by someone who seem to have an inside knowledge of the thought process behind that decision to offer a lifetime warranty and mention they don't care if a gun comes back 2-3 times even what have you, they still made their money.

    And I'm sure by the 2nd time you are paying for shipping.
    But some of them that offer the lifetime warranty are charging you for shipping from the start then you wait months and then hope they even have the parts.

    After Taurus got sued and agreed to fix the problem guns some have been sent in over two years ago and still not returned. I don't buy no guns that doesn't have a solid foothold in this country and with a good reputation to boot.

    People like to brag about how they have own certain brands they have been utterly reliable for years, but if you press them hard enough and they get honest they'll tell you they barely have a 100 rounds through them. Yeah owning a gun for 20 years with a 100 rounds shot looks real good,,,if you think so.

    You won't be seeing any of the crap manufactures running competition on the weekend were they go through a 1000 + on a weekend alone that's for sure.

    When I bought my first LCR I was following a guy on a blog who had the .357 mag version (my first one was the .38 only) He had already did 7000 rounds of nothing but mag loads before a year, sent it in to be x-rayed, which it passed with flying colors. I knew then Ruger had done their homework.

    And when I finally got my .357 mag version I did over 300 rounds the first time out breaking it in. All mag loads. (not full house)
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    Have gone over 5000 rounds thru my Sec 9 without any malfunctions, except for a couple of failures to eject with steel case ammo when the gun was new. This absolutely the most reliable semi auto pistol I have ever owned; I am 74 years old and been shooting since about age 9. And no wear on those aluminum rails. I feel bad that I cheated Ruger out of this gun for only $299.
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    WOW! that guy that did ~7000 rounds in a year must have had part ownership of an ammunition company! Unless he was 25 and immortal, his wrist(s) must have been giving him fits! Add his Advil bill to the rest, and he had to be unbelievably wealthy!
    But...find a company that has a reputation for good products, and stay with them, regardless of hiccups along the way! That's why I still have a mid-'80s 77-22, and the 25+ year old Mark II in the photo! :)
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    Yup he sure did, I wish I could find his blog so I could post it. He did it way back when the LCR .357 magnum version first came out, he was running self-defense drills on the move. When I found his blog he was at 3000 rounds and when I saw it last he was at 7000 and then he sent the gun into a private metallurgist company and they x-rayed it and found absolutely no indication of stress.

    All of that had nothing to do with Ruger he wanted an independent assessment. I knew then I had to have one.

    The Ruger LCR has the finest trigger ever produced on a revolver out of the box and requires absolutely no gunsmithing because even the so called best gunsmith smithing could never make it better. That trigger housing design and it's inner workings is patent.

    Kimber and the new Colts have tried to duplicate it and while they are certainly better than most standard Rugers and S&W's they still can't compare to how good that LCR trigger is. I own now a EC9s and it is as good. But it should be right for a striker fired auto-loader.

    The LCR's trigger is better than most auto-loaders, seriously.

    The first time my EC9s gives me any serious problems I'm going back to the LCR and never leaving it again. The LCR is the benchmark that even a Glock must bow before.
    It is what Michelangelo was to the Sistine Chapel.
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    I have no idea how many rounds are through my Security 9 now, but I hit 5000 within 8 months of purchasing it. I would never choose it over my American pistol, but I do like it. Like it well enough that I purchased the Security 9 Compact when it became available. The only thing I have done to the Security 9 is replaced the guide rod and spring with ones from Galloway Precision.

    It’s not as accurate as the American Pistol, but it’s accurate enough. The slide lock has gotten to the point where it works as a slide release now. It was almost impossible to use it as a slide release when it was new. And mine would not send the slide home when you slapped in a magazine when it was new. It will now, but you have to slap it in with some force. The safety is still impossible to engage with the shooting hand unless you shift your grip. No change there.

    Most younger people that have shot my pistols like the Security 9 better than the American, and several have bought one after shooting mine. Every one said they wanted a GLOCK, but the price of the American swayed them. All have liked the way it feels in the hand. (That’s not so with the Security 9 compact, the longer grip is appreciated. Myself, I don’t much like the grip either with the pinky hanging. Galloway has a fix for that though. A plus 2 magazine extension. Might as well get 2 more rounds if I am going to use an extension. I ordered a couple of the Galloway triggers too.) Everybody says the American Pistol is the better built, but most don’t think it’s worth the extra money to get it, especially the younger ones. Most seasoned shooters do think the American is worth the extra money, but most of those prefer the Sig since it got the military contract.

    I keep waiting on the Security9 to break. I have P95 DC that is some 15 years old. Never done anything to it except clean it, replace the recoil springs, and buy some standard capacity mags (it was bought during the Clinton AWB) it shows some wear, but is still running strong. I am hoping the Security 9 will last as long. Both of those pistols are showing wear. I sent the American in for the retrofit. It was showing some wear, not much, but it looks brand new again now. Ruger only replaced the barrel. Has a black one now.
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    I sure hope my Security 9 runs as long and as strong as some of yours have! ;)
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    Fine firearm at a fair price point this pistol complements the Ruger PC 9 Carbine Rifle and the PC 9 CHARGER .