Ruger security 9 and LCP 380

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by JKell, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Hi I just bought my first 2 pistols within the last 2 weeks and also just got my concealed carry permit.I first bought the security 9 it’s the 9MM made my Ruger but then a week later I got my concealed carry permit and wanted something a little smaller to carry on me so I bought the LCP 380 and it came with a pocket holster it goes right in pocket.I still didn’t get a chance to fire either one of them but just wondering if I can have some advice and input on both of them.Im hoping they both are reliable? I know the security 9 is new and just came out.Thanks guys!!!
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    Welcome to Ruger Talk and congratulations on your LTC (that's what we call them here in the not so free state of MA).

    I do not have either of the pistols you have but my most recent Ruger purchase was an SR9e which I enjoy and have had no issues with. SR 9e #02.JPG
    My only advice to you is get training on proper use (if you have not yet done so), buy good holsters, extra magazines, and plenty of ammo because you're going to enjoy shooting both of your firearms.

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    I carry the LCP. Also carry the LC9S. Obviously the LCP is easy to conceal and it pretty accurate at 25ft. You really need to practice alot with what your carrying. So off to the range and enjoy.
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    LCP may need a new ss guide spring and rod to make it perfect. I carry mine everywhere.