Ruger says Dry Firing Ok - 10/22 & MK pistols

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    For those who (like me) didn't know this already:

    I finally did a little research to see if I was damaging my firing pin and/or breech face when I failed to count my shots with my 10/22 and dry fired after the last round cleared. I'm not!

    I'd always understood that you couldn't dry fire a rimfire weapon or an older revolver as you'd damage it, but I've just learned I was wrong as far as Ruger 10/22's and Mark 1,2,3 & 4 pistols.

    I found out that both the 10/22 and the Mark 1- 4 pistols can be safely dry fired due to their having a stop pin that keeps the firing pin from hitting the breech, and the stop pin being hollow means it also slightly flexes, acting as a spring to limit wear and stress, so snap caps aren't required.

    Warning: I didn't research other Ruger rimfire weapons, so I don't know if this holds true with other models.
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    Good to know. Rimfire snapcaps are 'wear items' anyway.

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    Not .22 but as for .45's the Ruger handbook that comes out with each new gun you buy, Ruger states that you CAN dryfire your gun without any damage. I routinely dry fire my SR1911 9mm because the grips and trigger are different from my .45 1911's. I have Pachymayr grips on all of my .45's however neither Pachmayr or Hogue offers the wrap around grip for the 9mm. Believe it or not, the grips can really make a difference on the balance of the gun. The SR1911 9mm is not as wide as the .45's and I have to make some adjustments when I shoot the 9mm vs the .45's. It's nothing I can't live with but it's very easy to be accustomed to the way you pick up and hold the pistol and I like them to be all the same. If anyone comes up with Pachymayr or Hogue wrap around grips, please advise me so I can get some ordered. I have contacted Pachymayr who are no longer in business (as I just found out) and Hogue and they state they have not had that many requests yet for the 9mm. Ruger is too busy making the LCP's to make any more SR1911 9's due to market demand. I know that it took me a long time to find my 9mm and am glad I found it but I think there is still a demand for the 9mm's if they would just produce more.

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    I personally try not to dry fire my any of my rifles. I know that without a bolt hold on a 10/22 they are going to dry fire after the last round but that is the only time. Snap caps are cheap. You can dry fire but I have heard plenty of stories where people have had problems after extensive dry firing. If your going to be doing it a lot just use the snap caps and save yourself the headaches down the road. I know Ruger says it is OK but read some of the stories out there. Plenty of pictures too of mushroomed firing pins and other problems dry firing has caused.
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    Whatever else, the Ruger 10/22 takedown should be be dry fired after assembly to coax return to zero as close as possible.
    From the manual: