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  1. sharpshot59

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    Hey yall i am kinda new to the ruger community whats yall take on carrying a revolver. I heard they are super reliable. I am turning 21 in the next few weeks.
  2. buster40c

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    Welcome to RT.
    I have carried a revolver for my main carry for the last several years. I carried a semi auto Ruger SR40c for a couple years then I carried an LCR 357 Ruger loaded with 38+P. Then several months ago I started carrying a Charter Bulldog 44 special. I like the reliability of the revolver and the plain and simple safety of the double action trigger. I don't have to wonder is the safety on or off. I know when ever I pull my gun it is ready to shoot if the need arises. I don't need be concerned if the safety got knocked off and might shoot myself in the leg. Less chance of a jam than with a semi auto and in case of a dead round I just pull the trigger again to bring up the next round.

    A revolver isn't necessarily better than a semi auto it just depends what the person feels more comfortable and safer with while still being able to shoot it accurately.

    If you are fairly new to handguns then you really need learn the safety rules foremost then find a range where you can rent many guns to see what you feel fits your needs and you can shoot best with. Above all learn the safety rules first before even touching any gun. Treat every gun as though it is loaded. Never point a gun at anything you don't want to destroy. Check out the thread here Safety 101 buying a gun.
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    Welcome to Rugertalk,

    Thanks for joining,
    You will find tons of good advice here on conceal carrying .

  4. nickndfl

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    You want an SP101 in .357 mag.

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  5. VThillman

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    You need a Smith & Wesson Model 10, to tide you over until the CMP starts offering GI 1911s.

    Never ask a bunch of gun nuts what your first handgun oughta be.

    And welcome to Ruger Talk, kid.

  6. SavageGuy

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Revolvers ARE very reliable.
  7. MagBlackhawk

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    Welcome from Texas :tiphat:
    I can not argue against the SP101 in .357 for a carry gun. It's reliable, versatile, controllable. Fun too.

    But for maximum fun.... you want one of these. ;) Not too good for concealed carry though.

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  8. greg_r

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    Ruger revolvers are built like tanks. You are making a good choice.

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  9. Tommycourt

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    Listen to Buster,

    He has been an old phart that has been around a long time but that doesn't mean he is the dullest knife in the drawer. The info he have you is of the upmost importance. He gave you some very simple rules and adhere to them. VT (Bob) has also given you a good sense of direction on the .38 special especially using the model 10 Smith. That gun is from the mid 60's if memory serves me correctly. It is a simple yet efficient pistol and easy to handle. Renting guns at a range is a very, very wise decision. It gives you an idea of how each weapon works and how they fit your needs. There are some old guys on here BUT listening to them will help guide you and help you. They have a lot of years experience and knowledge and will willingly share them with you. Good luck, take your time and listen. Btw- Welcome to the forum!!!

    Tommy from the land of the eternal furnace Az.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to RT!

    The safety stuff has already been discussed. Learn it first before you do anything else. It really is that important.

    If you find that you like revolvers then by all means get one and practice with it and carry it. The SP101 that others have recommended is a rock solid piece of hardware. I find it a bit too large and heavy for my liking, though. There are a number of small 5 shot revolvers that are specifically built for concealed carry. The Ruger LCR and Smith J-frame are two of the best. They are not as easy to shoot well because of their small size, but practice will overcome that. Enjoy whatever gun you choose!
  12. nickndfl

    nickndfl Active Member

    One thing about .357 mag is that it also shoots .38 special. I frequently shoot .38 spc in mine and the experience with the lighter round, heavier body and spring change is sublime. Everybody that shoots it smiles.

    An SP101 that is designed with a short barrel is a middleweight CCW and it shoots much softer than a lightweight revolver. The GP100 series is the heavyweight CCW revolver series.

    Some people like their poly .38s too, but I would rather use an LCP (microsemi .380 acp) in that case.

    Be sure to think about replacing the springs because stock SPs & GPs have heavy triggers. They are very tight. Changing the springs and polishing up the internals is not complicated and can be accomplished by a novice with a steady hand. There are several YouTube videos. The first time it takes around 45 minutes. Next time when fine tuning it takes around 10.

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    Welcome to RT, from Tucson, Az:D
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    Enjoy our community...