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I really find the Redhawk Model 5026 to be an attractive .44 magnum double-action revolver. My 44 magnum collection currently consists of a Super Blackhawk Hunter, an Alaskan, and an S&W 29-10 Classic.

I have come very close to hitting the BUY button on the 5026 on a couple online sites, but have resisted the temptation so far. I have been trying to hold out until one is in-stock at an LGS so that I can actually handle one and inspect for scratches and a canted barrel. Not sure it those small bantam grips will be too small for my hands or not.

Unfortunately, none of the LGS in the Phoenix metro area have any in-stock, and, probably will not have any for the foreseeable future. So, an online purchase seems imminent.

Does anyone have a Model 5026 that can provide some feedback on how well you like it and how the stock grips feel?


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