Ruger Redhawk .357 Magnum 8 shot available in 4.2" and 5.5" barrel

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by RFF, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. RFF

    RFF Member

    Finally! Now to save up to afford one of these bad boys.

    Model 5059 4.2"
    Model 5060 5.5"
  2. hANNAbONE

    hANNAbONE New Member

    just received mine in 2.75" barrel.
    It is so very smooth and very easy to load the cylinder from double action to make it single action once everything is staged. Staging mine is a breeze.!!
    I have maybe 100 rounds through it.
    I didn't like the slick wood grips - so I wrapped some Wilson Tennis rubber Grip tape on it and see if it might make a difference.
    Such a suhweeeet shooter and so light recoil in 38 Special.
    Awesome iron.

  3. dorislewis

    dorislewis New Member

    I have bought such barrel couple of months ago. I can agree with you that it is really easy to load. And it is really cool. I like it
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  4. buster40c

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    What length barrel 4.2 or 5.5 would you get? I wonder which would be in more demand many years to come?
    5.5 would probably just be a safe queen except for an occasional range trip. To long of a barrel perhaps to be a regular carry. Not exactly a light gun either to be carrying all day.

    LOL But I guess if I can carry this 20 lb belly shed around all day then what would a more couple pounds make a difference.