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One of the nation's largest firearms makers, long a stalwart of traditionalism, has jumped into the NFA product game by introducing its first in-house firearms suppressor. Dubbed the Silent-SR, it looks like a winner.

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Let us face it; although Bill Ruger only started his company back in the late 1940s, he loved keeping old traditions alive.

-His first production gun was the Standard .22, a rimfire semi-auto based on a Japanese military design from a generation earlier that further emulated the Colt Woodsman and Hi Standard .22s of the early 1900s.

-When the American over/under shotgun market had all but disappeared after Browning's Superposed production had long since moved offshore and the Remington Model 32/3200 being discontinued, Ruger brought out their Red Label. The same can be said for the follow-on side-by-side Gold Label.

-In 1967 when the first "black rifle" .223/5.56mm guns such as the AR-15 and AR-180 were growing in popularity on the civilian market, Ruger eschewed the plastic and polymer and produced his own Mini-14 with a traditional wooden stock that endures to this day.

However, the company also pushed the limits when needed, marketing one of the first U.S.-made 7.62x39mm chambered rifles (Mini-30), one of the best and earliest double-stack supernines of the 80's (the P-85/89), and even subguns and patrol rifles for a burgeoning police market (AC556 and GB, MP9).

Now, they have switched gears again and, with suppressors now legal in 41 states, some 800,000 in circulation, and possible deregulation off the NFA list with legislation such as the Hearing Protection Act, Ruger has joined firearms makers such as Sig Sauer and Barrett to produce and market their own line of "cans."

Enter the Silent-SR

This new small caliber screw-on suppressor oozes quality with a titanium tube, aluminum rear cap, and 17-4 stainless steel threaded mount, baffles, and front cap. The whole thing is Cerakoted and Ruger-branded. It uses near-standard 1/2x28 muzzle threads to screw on to 22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR caliber pistols and rifles, dropping sound signatures down by as much as 40dB.

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The Silent-SR is able to be disassembled by the user, which means maintenance is possible, and is a bonus over more "old-school" sealed suppressors that had to be sent back to the shop for cleaning and replacement of deteriorating wipes.

It is compact at 5.37-inches in length with a 1.06-inch diameter that adds 6.3 ounces to the end the rifle or pistol selected to use it on.

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When comparing in size against the leading competition, Ruger's new suppressor comes out as very similar to the well-respected SilencerCo Sparrow and Gemtech WMR.

Price? The MSRP is $449, which is $75-$100 less than the Sparrow or WMR and about the same as SureFire's SR-22A line.

What we'd like to see are package deals with an 22/45 TB or 10/22 Takedown as have been offered by distributors in the past at a nice discounted price.

Maybe a sweet Ruger Talk edition...just saying.
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