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Since I purchased my RUGER PC chassis carbine (16" barrel) in November of 2021 I have upgraded it a LOT.
Most of this was for added convenance/ergonomics/function. I've posted these upgrades before and some questioned them so here are my reasons for them.

For added durability.
1.) M*CARBO parts
-> machined extractor, more resilient & softer bolt buffer pad, stainless bolt spring retainer clip
2.) TANDEMKROSS-> 20% stronger bolt spring, stainless trigger group pins W/retaining ball in each
I've noted on YouTube sites that many PC owners experienced a wearing of the stamped OEM extractor and failures to extract after a thousand rounds down the spout.

For shooter functionality:
1.) M*CARBO-> mini brake, raised mag release button, wider bolt hold-open lever
2.) MAGPUL-> MBUS flip-up sights, forearm QR sling cup, MS4 QD multi-point sling, Angled Forearm Grip, K 2 pistol grip, MOE 1/4" high cheek piece (for instant sight reticle alignment)
3.) TACCOM machined solid Delrin flared mag well extension
4.) HOLOSUN-> AEMS circle/dot sight

Some of you may question the MAGPUL sling but this is a heavy PCC and I have found that in conjunction with the Angled Forearm Grip makes for a much steadier offhand hold. I hope it is permitted in Steel Challenge competition.

Obviously the Mini Brake and softer buffer pad help mitigate recoil and help the shooter to stay on target. BTW, I use the sling in dual point mode, not single point as shown.
MBUS flip-up sights are for when the AEMS circle/dot sight might go "tits up". They are co-zeroed.
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