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Nothing beats a good revolver, and for revolver fans far and wide, there are a couple of new options on the horizon. Announced recently by Talo Distributors is the upcoming arrival of a two new revolvers created through a partnering with Ruger. Exact availability dates are still to be announced, but what is known is that we can expect a tough, rugged Kodiak Backpacker Redhawk .44 Magnum as well as a streamlined, compressed Wiley Clapp SP101 .357 Magnum.

The purpose intended for the Kodiak Backpacker is much what the name suggests. It is intended for carry in areas where you might need to rely on it to defend yourself against a bear or other similarly ominous creatures. This firearm will enable you to do just that by providing you with six shots of .44 Magnum to firmly encourage Yogi on his way to another picnic basket.

Weighing in at 44 ounces prior to being loaded, the Kodiak Backpacker is compact but is still a heck of a big handful. Think about it-- its heavier than most steel-framed 1911 longslide .45s! It boasts a 2.75 inch barrel on a full-size stainless steel Redhawk frame, so in essence its a snubnosed Redhawk. The round butt and grips made of red hardwood laminate fit nicely and comfortably in your hand. The overall smooth texture of this firearm make for easy handling and manipulation should you find yourself needing to rely on it in a hurry.

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Photo: Ruger

Being that this revolver is outfitted with a short barrel, recoil and reduced muzzle velocities may cross your mind as a source of concern. While ordinarily such concerns are valid, tests have shown low recoil and an ability to achieve ample energy levels when this gun is fired. According to Real Guns, "Recoil seems more like a quick rearward jab, with a distinct absence of a sky climbing muzzle."

To purchase this revolver, expect to pay in the neighborhood of $800. This is a plus as far as affordability goes, making the revolver itself along with the reputation coming with it very worthwhile.

While there is a bit of information about the Kodiak Backpacker available to the public, the Wiley Clapp SP101 .357 Magnum is a little more shrouded in mystery. With a likely basis on the Wiley Clapp GP100, it is logical to expect some similarities, such as a short barrel, tapered cylinder, and low profile sights. The Wiley Clapp GP100 offered two models, one of which is stainless steel while the other had a black matte finish. It is possible, but not yet promised, that the same offerings could exist in the Wiley Clapp SP101, giving you the option to choose the finish that better suits your tastes. Regardless of the finish you choose, a reliable concealed carry firearm can soon be yours.

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Photo: Talo

Should you be looking to add a new firearm to your collection, or even if not, these two are ultimately worth considering. Either is capable of filling your wants and needs, depending on the particulars you wish to achieve. For more information on either or both revolvers, keep an eye on the Ruger website, the Talo website, and/or the Talo Facebook page. Should you plan to acquire a Kodiak Backpacker or Wiley Clapp SP101 revolver, tell us about your plans in the comments below!
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