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Ruger P97 leather holster OWB

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Hello , I am new here but a long time Ruger user and owner. I am wanting you guys/gals opinions on an outer-waist-band leather holster for the P97. There seems to be just a few and thats it. Right now I am looking at Don Hume H721OT . What else is there ? Any help is appreciated !
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Welcome to RugerTalk.

I moved your FIRST post to "Introductions"

Im sure there will be plenty input for your holster quest.

Howdy and welcome to the forum!
Thanks a bunch for the welcome . I swear these P-series pistols are hard to find good leather holsters for them. The Pseries are quite blocky/bulky but I love em ;) and this is coming from a die-hard Glock fan :D
I searched for 3 days now and still hardly any quality leather out wasit band holsters come up. Looking for one in left hand . A Galco Combat Master would be awesome . That is the style I am looking for . An open top design.
Ive purchased a couple holsters from these folks and have not been disppointed.

Good luck.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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