Ruger p90 45

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    Anybody else have one of these and how do you like it
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    And what's the value I just had it serviced and cleaned

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    This is why my name is rugerman lol
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    Didn't even know they made a P90 in 45. Can't say I like the looks of it, particularly the thumb safety.

    I too own an SR40c; that one I like a lot, carry it some.
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    Why is this in the "Contest" Forum??
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    Rugerman decided he didn't like it so he is going to do a "give away" contest. I'm just waiting on the rules for said contest.
    BTW, welcome to the forum from Hollywood Alabama!
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    I didn't know this is the contest forum
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    Welcome to the forum! Those are some nice rugers you have there. Don't worry about this being in the contest subforum, one of our friendly moderators will move it for ya.

    What type of mag is that in the lcp?
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    From the dark ages, that being the late 80s & early 90s. They do exsist. I still have one of 2 that I had. IIRC, the P90 is the correct Ruger I.D. for the all black one and KP90 for the all stainless. If it had a letter K at the start of the model #, it was a stainless model. Don't know if that still applies. And I could be wrong cause I forget alot of stuff now.

    Got a black one and tis stainless one in the early 90s off a couple of L.E.O.s that were upset over the Ruger repate that was offered at the time on the P89s which were 9mm, & this model. They had paid full price when the guns came out and they were around 3 bills back then. They bought their guns before the 50 dollar rebate started and were pizzed cause they got no rebate. I bought both of the guns for 475.IIRC, the rebate brought the price of the guns down to @ 240 or 250. I still see a few coming into the gunshows. People want anywhere between 3 to 5 for them. I don't see many.

    The guns are DA/SA decockers. Single stack mag that is similar to the 1911 mags, but is only useable in that model. I sold one and kept the extra mags for the stainless one. The guns are reliable, heavy, huge, resonably accuratre. I put a Hogue rubber grip on this one cuase the original grips suck. Still ahve them & the box. Also kept 1 of 2 KP99s that I had. The guns are guess....kinda obsolete now. The polymer frame P345 came out then and the poly frame P94 which was a .40 cal. only.

    Being Rugers, they are made to last. However, I don't really see them as becoming "collectibles" as in some of the single action, old mdels etc. But then, who woulda guessed those would be now. I was at a gunshow all weekend and an old guy ame in with an old modle Ruger Single Six in excellet condition. Also had a .22 mag cylinder with it. He wanted 350 for the gun. It was o.k. priced , but I was not really wanting to get into it for that much cause the show was slow. and $ was tight. I made a 3 bill offer onit ,but he passed it. In contrast, a guy came in with 2 LNIB Ruger P94s. One black, the other stainless on poly. He wanted 3 for each. I would not give over 250 for either. Mostly cause there ain't no real collectibility and they were only fair deals and a model that is no longer in demand. I would have given that for an SR or a RAP just to try theem out. I woulda been buying the P94 for trading or selling and 3 was too much. He said his best offer on both was 550, but he was only gonna go down to 575 if soneone bought both and 3 for either one. Otherwise he was keeping them.

    If I was selling mine, I would put a pice of somewhre in the 4 to 450 range. That is with the extra mags &box. That is cause it is a .45. It would be much less, like 3 for the P89 or the P94s like the guyhad this weekend. Thre were alot of those and still are at ethe shows. I have seen the older 9s go for as low as 275 with only 1 mag. There are just too many of the plastic 9s now in the 3 to 4 rande in new condition, Rugers being one of them. Saw some new Shield 9s for as low as 336+ at the show. And the P90s have to compete with all the poly 45s and 1911s now on the market in the 4 to5 range.

    But It's yourr gun and you can ask whatever ya want for it. I could sell mine for 360 to 4 and get into a decent poly frame sub compact. However, I alreadyhave those, the Shield 9, LC9s, and G27. I like the old beast KP90 in .45. I can't even remember when I last fired it.. Maybe 10 years ago. I want a G36, but I know the small poly frame .45s weigh alot when fully loaded. I had a Kahr CW45. It was really light Till ya put a full magazine in it.

    The Beast.Probably ain't beenfired 200 times.

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    These guns are tanks and will last forever. They were designed for the military and were over built. I'm one of the few that still carries one on duty. It's not as refined nor smooth shooting as a Glock,
    but it will never let you down.
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    Welcome to the forum. If you go to introduction sub forum and tell a little about yourself intro would be appreciated. It gets new members off to a quicker start.
    I was at an outdoor range and a youngster was there with his dad shooting an p90. I was getting pelted with ejected shells while he was firing. His dad stood between me and the son trying to keep me from getting pelted. I don't think I have ever heard a negative report on the P90 guns. LOL Except mine.........don't be beside one while it is being shot.
    I really hate ranges without divider screens or something between shooters.
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    I had a P90DC that was super accurate and a great shooter. I happened to have other great .45s that I liked even better so the P90 and I parted ways. You can get a ProMag 10-round magazine for it. I may still have mine if anyone is interested.
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    Had a P 90 45 acp and carried it for awhile. Operated flawlessly! Still prefer a 1911 for every day use though.