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RUGER OWNER FOR 30 Years Plus !

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We are from N E PA. Mountain Counrty,snow in July and 80s in January .Big on Hunting,Archery & Rifle & Handgun ,Two Black bears to my credit ,countless deer,coyote,hog,and small game variety .My Favorite handgun My Redhawk 44 magnum dropped many deer ,Both bears weredropped wit bow and arrow one shot into vital,favorite target pistol rifles 10-22 ,SR 22,Redhawk 44 maag,GP 100 357 mag,and of course Ruger AR 15 model 8500 556/223 .TY for allowing me to join ! MDT
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Welcome from the great state of Texas. Mostly shoot paper with my 9 mm pistols, use my 10/22 to keep the squirrels off my bird feeder. Just hate tree rats.
Welcome from Texas! I used to live in the Shamokin/Mount Carmel area!
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