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With a record demand for their products, Sturm, Ruger has had problems keeping up in recent years. Listening to their fans, the company is building their first factory in three decades.

Why the build?

Ruger is one of the youngest arms makers in the United States when compared to such giants as Remington, Colt, and Smith and Wesson. With just 60-years of production history behind them, the company has just two factories. These plants, in Newport, New Hampshire and Prescott, Arizona are overtaxed. The problem is so bad that for a while in 2012, Ruger even stopped taking new orders so that they could catch up with the backlog.

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(SR45s on the assemblyline in a Ruger factory, photo from Outdoor Channel)

The newest plant, the Prescott facility, was built in the 1980s to produce the legendary P-85 series pistols. Even with those guns long out of production, Ruger has replaced them with the new LC and SR handguns as well as continuing their popular M77, Mini-14 and 10/22 rifles and others. With so many products in the works, the company needed new manufacturing muscle, and fast.

The Details

Ruger is making a move to acquire a former yarn-processing warehouse and factory in the town of Mayodan, North Carolina. The plant was built in 1989 and has over 194,000 sq. feet of manufacturing area and 26,000 feet of office space. Empty for several years, the property is one of dozens of empty factories spread out across the country as the country's industrial base has been consistently reduced over the past generation.

By re-purposing the $1.2-million 24-year old vacant yarn plant, Ruger both eliminates a lengthy construction project building a new facility from the ground up, and puts unemployed Americans back to work as soon as possible. Speaking of which...

Employment opportunities

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While Ruger employs over 2000 hard working employees in Prescott and Newport, they will soon be hiring at Mayoden as soon as they get the plant revamped.

According to their website, "Ruger is not currently accepting job applications for Mayodan, NC. While Ruger plans to open a facility in Mayodan, those plans are contingent upon finalizing incentive agreements and closing on the property. In the interim, interested job seekers may contact the North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Workforce Solutions at [email protected] or via Fax at 336-634-5633."

We will keep you informed.
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