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So I just acquired a Lipsey's special edition ruger no 1 in 25-06. I was told it was one of very few that had circassion walnut. All I know is that it's one pretty sonofagun.
This morning I ran the first 10 rounds thru it. Accuracy was about what the last 3 no 1's I had was. 1 1/2-2" groups at 100. There are some differences though. First off, the hanger is a lot more rigid than the previous ones were. Secondly, not possible to put a hick's accurizer on it, which brings me to my question.
Which is this. Is it possible to pillar bed the forearm where the angled screw is? I'm thinking of I can do that, then it would be more possible to to successfully free float the forearm. Any thoughts or opinions would be welcome.
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