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Firing pin damage

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to apologize about my english. It's not my native language.

I just bought a brand new Ruger MK3 Target with an old Serial (227-59xxx) a 2007 model.

yesterday night, I shot around 200 rounds with no real problem : only 3 feeding problems.

But when I came back home and I look at it, I notices a little scratch in a piece of metal (the barrel or extractor I don't know).

Here the pictures (you can click on them to enlarge it) :

It look like the loading chamber as been scratched

What do you think ? Is it a known problem ?

Thanks for you help !

Looks to me like the previous owner dry fired a dent in the chamber mouth. If you take it to a good gunsmith he may be able to do something to remedy it. I have seen this on other posts and the consensus has been damage from dry firing. For sure the factory can fix it, or an authorized repair shop in or around Paris, since you live outside the US. Send the factory a picture and ask what to do. Good luck.
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