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Instructional manuel

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to apologize about my english. It's not my native language.

I just bought a brand new Ruger MK3 Target with an old Serial (227-59xxx) a 2007 model.

yesterday night, I shot around 200 rounds with no real problem : only 3 feeding problems.

But when I came back home and I look at it, I notices a little scratch in a piece of metal (the barrel or extractor I don't know).

Here the pictures (you can click on them to enlarge it) :

It look like the loading chamber as been scratched

What do you think ? Is it a known problem ?

Thanks for you help !

I had the same mark on mine a few years back and it was due to a pin coming out( during reassembly after cleaning) of the bolt carrier that allowed the firing pin to go forward and make this mark. A round would not chamber and I noticed the mark and it had a small burr over the edge of the chamber preventing a round to chamber. I filed it off and found the pin and put it back in and it fired ok, the firing pin had not been hurt. The instruction manuel explains this at the top of page 24 in the reassembly section. Maybe this happened to yours before you got it. I hope this helps!
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