Ruger MK 1 / Standard U S Property .22 pistol

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    E383B9B6-05F4-460D-9AEE-6759C50477CB.jpeg C4E91C7E-5ED8-4489-81E5-764B52DDC367.jpeg Does anyone have any information on
    The US Property “Standard” pistol.
    It has a 5 1/4 in barrel. And I am posting pictures besides a pair of MK 1 US marked pistols for comparison.
    I will soon request a letter from Ruger
    To see if it left the factory in this
    Configuration .
  2. SGW Gunsmith

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    In mid 1952 Ruger did manufacture a Mark I Target with the 5 ¼ inch Heavy Tapered barrel length using the A 54 style grip frame. I can find nothing in my references that denotes that style being issued to a military contract and thus marked U. S. on the top front of the receiver ring. While the Mark I 514's are quite rare, the Mark II configurations are a bit more common in blued steel and stainless steel: