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This forum has been taking a nap for quite some time and maybe it needs to get a new bit of gunsmithing news;
The Ruger Mark pistol triggers are anodized aluminum and have been pretty much made in the same manner since the Ruger Standards introduction in 1949.

There are quite a few aftermarket triggers that have been offered, and I've seen, and used, at least 8 of those variations. Sad to say that the Clark Custom variation #2 is no longer available. I installed quite a number of those when I could get them, as they are steel triggers with a nice round pivot pin hole.
Unfortunately, the Ruger aluminum trigger is most often found with an elliptically shaped pivot pin hole and is a bit oversize allowing the trigger to wobble a bit from side to side. Some of the Mark II Target triggers have an over-travel adjustment screw in the triggers face for adjustment if you don't mind doing some "trial and fit" for adjustment:

There are still a limited few aftermarket triggers that are worth considering and fit the contour of one's trigger finger more comfortably:

The "Custom" steel trigger (second from the left) is one that I designed and machined from wire EDM blanks that I had made.
Some of the AMT Lightning triggers are still available from Numrich Parts and will work well in the Ruger Mark pistols.
It's not that difficult to rework the Ruger Mark factory aluminum triggers to remove the wobble over its pivot pin and then create a much better, smoother fit over that pin by installing a steel bushing. Both pre and over-travel screws can also be installed to offer those adjustments:

Another trigger that has become quite popular with my many Ruger Mark customers is the Majestic Arms trigger, which is very well made and reasonably priced.
Both of the VC triggers have found favor with many Ruger Mark owners for the great job they do in replacing the factory aluminum trigger and those triggers have both pre and over-travel adjustment.
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