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Earlier today I was practicing mag changes and had to remove the mag manually each time with my left hand. Needless to say, that makes an already slow mag change very slow; so I decided to see if I could fix it.


I did some searching here and on the internet and found only one fix, to exchange parts with the Mark 2.
I also found that one pistol may be sticky with many mags, and another may not be with the same mags. So I figured it was a pistol specific problem with the magazine disconnector; (since the disconnector is the part needing exchanged.)

My fix was to smooth the magazine disconnector where it contacts the magazine. It worked wonderfully for one of my mags, but 2 mags still were sticky. So I smooth the magazines at the area of contact with the disconnector.

Now all empty magazines drop out as smoothly as, (apparently,) intended. Hopefully, I'll be faster with my mag changes now.

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