Ruger M77 w/tang safety

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    I'm not much of a rifle shooter.... yet, but I've come across what I think to be a pretty good first 'do it all' rifle and wanted to get some input from some more experienced shooters. The rifle is a Ruger M77 (in excellent shape) with the tang safety in .308 and it comes with an older Weaver T16 scope priced at $700. I feel like it's a steal at that price but since this is an older model, I have not been able to find much info on its reliability (it's a Ruger so I feel pretty confident) and accuracy. Does anyone have any experience with one or know of any issues? Any input would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
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    I have had am M77 with a tang safety since 1976 or 77. It is in .270 cal. and a "pre warning" model. No warning stamped on the barrel. I liked it so much I bought another likeit a few years later. Theat on had the sagety warning stamped on the barrel. Also owned one in 7mm Maouser (7X57). Still have the first one. I would still ahve the others, but Ihd to sell them when I lost my job. The guns are very strong & super reliable. Pretty much a Mauser type action. I use to handload pretty hot loads for the original gun and it could take it. Killed a few deer with it. Still pull it out and check the zero on it every year. Don't hunt anymore, but I punch paper. My brother has one, but it is the second model with the safety on the bolt. It's bood and reliable too.

    Don't know what the prices are for the guns now in excellent condition or new.Beck in 77, they were 199. I got 5 bills for the other gun like mine that was like new back in 3005. It had a scope onit too. There were 2 different types. One had no iron sights and came with Rugere rings. The oter one had iron sights & I am unsure if that one came with rings too. The one I have and the other 2 Ihad were without iron sights. The guns had drooves cut int he receiver for the Ruger rings.

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    Pancho has it covered. I gave my 77 "Mark I' to a grandnephew years ago, and sort of maybe recall that it was 'push feed' not controlled feed, but it never had a feed problem so who cares?
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    Some people prefer the old tang safety models over the new type.
    I've never heard of an M77 that wasn't reliable.
    The M77R came with scope rings, no sights.
    The M77RS came with scope rings and sights.
    Sorry, I don't know what the rifle is worth. Pancho_Villa can give you a better idea about that.

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    Really the controlled round feed comes into play when hunting dangerous game. Not to mention it's an advantage over pushed round fed because even if a problem hasn't occurred doesn't mean it won't. Why question a Mauser feed that has proven indestructible for over 150 years. Any questions?
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    Sure: Who's 'questioning' Mauser feed?