Ruger LC9 Review

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by threetango, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. buildit

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    Nothing surprising. The trigger pull always seems to be the biggest complaint everyone has. IMHO people who grew up with revolvers don't have as big an issue with it. I EDC my LC9 and love it.

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    I shot my buddy misterfats123's LC9. It takes a little getting used to, when you shoot an SR40C exclusively (it's my first and only gun so far) There is the long trigger and no reset. The gun definitely has a purpose, It conceals very well in a pocket holster. misterfats123 is also pretty good at close range with it.

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    I purchased a LC9 for the girlfriend the other day. I really like the gun myself. I did find that at 10 yards my shots were all over the place. I am use to my full size pistols (SR1911, Sig P226 .357 sig) and found it a little frustrating. But I do know the difference between a range gun and a CCW gun. As a CCW I think the LC9 is perfect. It's light for the caliber which makes it easier to carry but also giving it quite a recoil ( I understand that Galloway makes a 20 lb recoil spring to tame that issue a bit) It has a long trigger pull but it also is probably the smoothest trigger I have ever felt in a DAO weapon. That feature also makes it a lot safer as a CCW. Most people who complain about this have DA/SA weapons, SA only or Glocks with a 3.5 lb trigger modification. (trust me in a SHTF situation, the trigger pull will be non-existent to you) The edges have been smoothed down to help keep it snag free and leaves it with less of a printing outline in clothing. I also know that in a CCW scenario, the target isn't going to be 10 yards away but most likely under 10 feet away. Range practice for this should be shooting a full size silhouette target from the holster or where ever your going to keep it and putting the rounds somewhere in center mass quickly. If you want to punch out the little X at 10 yards and beyond buy a SR 1911.
  4. bikeride4fun

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    The trigger is just like on the LCP. These guns were meant for personal defense..not as a range gun.
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    I just got an LC9, and have had an LCR for a year and a half. I took them both out last week, and actually shot the LC9 better. It was the first time I had it. They both have a long trigger pull, but I noticed that the 9 was so light, that it was hard to hold still. I definitely need practice, but I like it a lot.