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If you were a fan of the Ruger LC9, then you might be pleased to hear that the design of that firearm has been expanded upon. The result of this expansion is the Ruger LC9s Compact 9mm pistol, which is a striker-fired version of the bobbed hammer LC9. Much like the LC9, the LC9s offers a small, lightweight frame that is easily concealed on your person and chambered in 9mm Luger, making it an excellent choice for those who want something compact-- but in a striker-fired option.

This newly designed trigger allows for improved accuracy thanks to a trigger pull that is light, crisp, and short. The goal in mind when making this change was to provide better performance, which is something typically found more often in a striker-fired pistol. Safety features include magazine disconnect, manual safety, an integrated trigger safety, and inert magazine for safe disassembly. There is also a visual inspection port for determining if the LC9s is loaded or not.

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Photo: Ruger

If you have a LC9 and wish to add a LC9s to your gun cabinet but are concerned about having to purchase all new accessories, there is no need to worry. Rather than have to purchase items such as lasers, holsters, extended magazines, etc. to fit the LC9s, you can use those items interchangeably between these two firearms. This can save you not only the expense of purchasing new accessories but will also help you avoid a breaking in period.

Some of the other features offered by the LC9s include an extension magazine floorplate designed with better handling in mind. It also has a 3-dot sight system which is windage adjustable and allows for a rapid acquisition of your target. The blued slide is made of through-hardened alloy steel and the grip frame is aggressively checkered and composed of glass filled nylon. The overall firearm length is 6 inches, which encompasses a barrel length of 3.12 inches and a height of 4.5 inches. Width is .9 inches. With all of this, the LC9s weighs in at 17.20 ounces, making it 0.1 ounces heavier than the LC9. (Yeah, you can really tell the weight difference, right?)

With so many new and female shooters making up a sizable chunk of modern gun consumers, it is beneficial to have guns such as the LC9s on the market for them to utilize that are serious and aren't pink.

Being that this weapon is small, it fits well in a female hand. It is also not intimidating in size to a new shooter, offering the benefit of putting minds at ease as they embark upon a concealed carry journey with a trusty sidekick such as this.

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Photo: Down Range TV

Ed Head over at Down Range TV had this to say about his experience with the LC9s:

"The final version of the LC9s I received for testing has a trigger safety and the trigger breaks crisply at just over 5 pounds with a short, positive reset. The trigger feels very light and lively. Are there other advantages to a striker fired vs. DAO design? There are, especially for shooters with smaller hands. The "reach" to the trigger is shorter so the pistol should fit the hand of just about any shooter while the lighter trigger pull weight makes it easier to shoot well."

Suggested retail on the LC9s is $449 (which will probably be lower on the shelf). For this price, you will get your very own LC9s one 7-round magazine. Also included is a soft case with cable locking device.

Whats your choice? Hammer fired or striker-fired ? Why or why not? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!
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