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Do you love your LCP or LC9 but wish they had a larger magazine capacity? Up until this month, the only choice you had to fix this was in aftermarket products. Well Ruger listened and they just announced that changes are on the way.

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Current aftermarket offerings
Ever since the Ruger introduced the .380-Auto caliber LCP in 2008, independent gun accessory makers have been on a quest to improve it. While the 6-shot standard factory mags were reliable and worked just fine, people wanted more. Impact Guns has long-sold "+1" floor extension kits for Ruger's magazines for about $12.99.

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(Impact Guns floorplate extension)

These work on the same concept as the well-known Pearce grip extensions common on Glock magazines and others. They replace the spring and floor plate with one slightly longer. Not only does it provide the capacity to hold an extra round, it also pushes out the length of the grip by another finger width.

Ruger goes one better

Whereas the Impact Guns and Mag Guts kits will have you disassemble your factory magazine and then install their aftermarket spring/floor kit, Ruger has decided to let you keep your magazine that came with the gun and sell you a new, extended one. For their LCP they are offering a new magazine that uses and extended floor plate to give you 7-rounds of .380 love plus one in the chamber give you a magic Eight Ball.

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LC9 mags too.

New magazines this year from Ruger include not only these extended 7-round magazines for the LCP, but also an extended 9-round magazine for the LC9. While these products have been soft launched, showing up in various Ruger retailers' shops across the country, they are not available online yet so pricing is still TBD at this point. The standard 6-shot LCP mags from the Ruger online shop run $34.95 so this is a good benchmark to compare against.

However, it makes good sense to buy one or two, not only for that extra round, but to give yourself factory options to complete your LCP.

Stay tuned to Ruger Talk for more news as it comes.
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