Ruger Gun Site Scout Rifle in .223/5.56 NATO

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    I ordered a new 223 Scout Rifle right from Ruger's web side and shipped it to my local gun store. Figured I would try it out on my way home at the range. Opened the box and the barrel is only stamped 5.56 NATO and I only brought .223 Remington with me figuring I would break it in with better ammo. So I figured I would read the manual. What do I find in the box. a .308 manual. So I use my iPhone to download the manual from their site and it is a .308 manual.

    For Ruger to ship a new gun with the wrong manual and not have the correct manual available on their web site is a pretty big detail to miss.
    As a professional test engineer for complex products there must have been an "out of the box" test that must have failed and they knew it. So at some level of management they are shipping weapons with known safety flaws.
    Additionally I think the consumer is owed the 223 type information including part lists and numbers.

    Even though .223 Remington should be ok in any 5.56 NATO chambered rifle gun manufacturers will swear up and down do not put ammo in the gun that is not stamped on the barrel or in the owners manual.

    This makes a test engineer ask what other tests failed that they didn't think mattered ?
    There have been some questions asked on thie forum if maybe Ruger is not keeping up it's quality. I have been a loyal Ruger buyer since 1981 so this is disappointing.

    Also have called customer service four times and the recorded message was : we are too busy call back later and they hung up the line.

    Thoughts on Ruger's quality ?

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    I don't understand the issue, 308 manual , same gun just different chamberings. Stamped 556 tells us it's ok for 223 and556. If stamped 223 It would question if ok for 556. Yes it's a cheaper way to print manuals, and yes Ruger has been pumping arms out to fast in my opinion. But I don't see the issue? Personally I'd rather have a 556 , if it was a target rifle I might want a 223 but a scout isn't one.

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    Great points my AR is a 5.56 and opens up more options, generally 5.56 can be cheaper and if you get good ammo like lake city it's good stuff. Don't see a problem

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    5.56 stamp= wider range of ammo

    .308 on manual= same gun camber sisze smaller. Lots of Mfg use one manual for a line of products.

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