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Strum, Ruger last month debuted a couple new rifles in their popular Hawkeye Predator line of lightweight varmint rifles with unique stylings. These two, however, are only part Hawkeye, it seems that their family tree is mixed with the best parts of the Scout series as well.

The new FTW Predator

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According to a release from Ruger, "The Hawkeye FTW Predator rifle design began with extensive on-range consultation with SAAM (Sportsman's All-weather, All-terrain Marksmanship) shooting instructors at the world-renowned FTW Shooting School in Barksdale, Texas."

In case you don't know who these guys are, SAAM hunter training courses, which teach one hit shots out to 500 yards under realistic situations as well as prove testing grounds for safaris in which hunters pursue Cape Buffalo and African Elephant, are top notch.

"The SAAM instructors were impressed with the proven accuracy of the Hawkeye Predator and the quick handling of the Gunsite Scout rifle. With their input, Ruger engineers designed a rifle that combines the trigger and action of the Hawkeye Predator with the adjustable buttstock design found on the Gunsite Scout rifle. The result is a perfect combination of ergonomics and long-range accuracy needed in a fast handling predator rifle."

Features, features, features

These rifles are pretty, as well as being pretty well equipped.

Besides taking the best of the Scout and Hawkeye series and blending them, the new FTW rifles have a number of interesting attributes that raise the bar. These include a two-stage target trigger, Green Mountain laminate stock, stainless steel receiver, and medium contour barrel. Offered in either 6.5mm Creedmoor or .308 Winchester, these rifles have adjustable buttpad spacers that change length of pull over a nearly 2-inch range.

A hinged floorplate rests under a non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor to ensure positive feeding with no issues. After all, as SAAM's motto is, you don't get a second chance at the first shot. As to their nature, these two rifles do not come with iron sights and have integral scope mounts milled into the receiver itself for you optics.


View attachment 11135

Stock: Green Mountain Laminate
Capacity: 4
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Hawkeye Matte Stainless
Sights: None
Trigger: Two-Stage, Adjustable Target
Barrel Length: 24.00" (Creedmoor) 22" (.308)
Overall Length: 43.25" - 44.75" (Creedmoor) 41.25-42.75" (.308)
Weight: 8.12 lbs. (Creedmoor) 8 (.308)
Length of Pull: 12.75" - 14.25"
Twist: 1:8" RH (Creedmoor) 1:10"RH (.308)
Grooves: 6
Suggested Retail: $1099.00 (likely cheaper at your dealer)
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