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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) old Dillon Eliminator scale started acting wonky. Inaccurate, not repeatable, etc. Called Dillon, and followed what the Rep. joy! I mailed it in, and they determined it was unrepairable, and sent me a brand new one! I opened it up...lo and behold, it was a bit wonky, too. The leveling screw jacked the aft end up so far, you could almost drive a truck under!

So, after watching Fortune Cookie 45, and another fellow on YouTube, I spent a half-hour calibrating my new scale. The weight/pan holder contained what looked like buckshot and floor sweepings, which was quickly replaced with USA #9 and 12 shot! Success! Now accurate to a gnat's fanny (.01 gr. or less) with my check weights and a 53 gr. bullet .

After replacing the factory 12 lb latch/trigger return spring in my Match Champion with Wolff's 10 lb. unit, The single-action Trigger pull on my Match Champion was a beautiful 2 3/4 lbs...but...a little low for my comfort level, especially shooting with gloves. So, I replaced the Ruger 12 lb (?) factory spring, hoping to raise the pull to a personally comfortable level.

While attempting to reinstall the Pawl, I goofed!
The plunger and spring LAUNCHED!
(Showin's better'n tellin') Nose to the carpet, flashlight in hand,. sweep the floor...nope! Anyhoo, a call to Ruger and a conversation with a nice lady...when I explained what had happened, she sort of giggled, and said "I understand that happens on a frequent basis!"

The result: a new plunger and spring and a new Hammer Shim coming free of charge! Not the first time I have had similar experience with Ruger!

While the gun was apart, I decided to reshim the hammer. The little washers are forever getting lost, or stuck in some unreachable corner of the inner workings. I measured both washers after I finally found them, and found one to be .003" and the other .0046". HMMMM... Soooo..I ordered one of's Hammer and Trigger shim pack. I got the receipt, and thought I had ordered the wrong size, but Lance researched it and reassured me that the proper shims were on the way!
Parts due tomorrow! Looking forward to getting my gun back together!:D

Now, for those of you who have stuck with me this far...thanks! These things all happened within a 24 hour period!
A person doesn't really expect that level of service from many companies, especially the large ones, where my orders seldom reach the "free shipping" level. I have no relationship with any of them, except for being a very satisfied customer!

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