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    Most of you all know me and how picky I am about my Ruger pistols. I have 4 SR1911's including a SR1911 9mm. One of my SR1911's had a little "slop" (not the right wording but you know what I mean). I would push down on the barrel and could feel about .002-.003 movement in my barrel and the slide assembly. I call Ruger and told Gloria (receptionist) asked to talk to a tech. She handed me over to Jerry who is a tech and I explained what I thought was wrong. The slide bushing and the bolt should have no movement (in my opinion) and I explained it to Jerry. I had only put about 500 rounds through the pistol. Within 2 days I had a box with a stamped postage paid box with authorization to return for repair. I filled out the form which is only 1 page long and sent the pistol back. Jerry called me a day later and said he had replaced the barrel and bushing and I told him to take it to the range and fire it. Fire as many rounds as you like. 2 days later I got my SR1911 back with a repair order and Jerry sent me the target he shot with my pistol and stated if I wasn't happy to call him and let him know. I called him back and thanked him after I had been to the range and was completely satisfied.

    Ruger will do EVERYTHING they can to ensure they have a happy customer. Even if you buy a used one, Ruger will stand behind it and never question you. When it comes to customer service, don't bitch and complain to other people, call Ruger customer service and talk to them. They are committed to building quality products and will stand behind every product they make!!!!

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    I only have two Rugers, but that's good to hear!

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    Yet on other forums people slam Ruger for not having a warranty. People that don't know what they are talking about should shut up.
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    Yep, Ruger's CS makes some of the 'other guys' look really, really bad.
    Can you guess how I know? :brickwall: :gaah:

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    I've only had to use their service once, and it was exemplary. I share praise for Ruger wherever I can, including on a Glock and a Sig Sauer forum.
    I've experienced respect for Ruger on these other forums, but never disrespect. Hopefully, it's isolated- Ruger is an honorable company, and deserves a great reputation.
    Same goes for Henry.
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    Good input, Tommy - or is it output?

    Ruger has had some production problems lately, and a vendor problem or two. Their customer service departments - in both Arizona and New Hampshire - are their saving grace.
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    Ruger and Hipoint have the greatest CS in my opinion.