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Ruger AR Rifles

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Anyone want to give your review of thses rifles? I am going first of the week to get one of some type and am wondering how Ruger's offerings stack up?
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I own the AR556 model # 8500. I have added the Magpul SL stock and hand guard. I also installed a ToolCraft BCG with a BCM extractor upgrade spring kit. And, I had a Magpul rear MBUS sight in a box for another AR build. I decided to add that too. Now I can aim thru 2 apature holes. Last but not least, I added a AIMPOINT red dot. I paid $449 with FREE shipping 2 years ago from GRAB A GUN. It's a real tack driver!
You will really like it!
I have a Ruger Ar's a Mini14.......but I enjoy it.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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