Ruger American Rimfire .22WMR

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    Finally got my RA Rimfire .22WMR home. Hope to get it to the range shortly. For now I have an Aimpoint CompC3 Red Dot Sight mounted on it, with a Weaver base top mount (the CompC3 only requires one Weaver-type slot). Meanwhile here is a pic:

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    Congrats, nice rifle,
    Let us know how it shoots.


  3. Redleg

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    Got the RAR .22 WMR to the range today to zero her in. It was a pretty routine zeroing exercise.

    I mounted the Aimpoint CompC3 Red Dot Sight on the rifle. Did it by mounting a single Weaver top mount attachment on the RAR. The RAR is drilled and tapped for two of these -- one behind the ejection port and one in front. This can be used to mount Weaver style scope rings. However the CompC3 requires only one ring, so I mounted it just behind the ejection port. This worked great. No interference with the action of the bolt, and nice and close to my eyeball. Here is the Amazon product link for the Weaver attachment -- if you are mounting an ordinary scope you will need two of these.

    The gun shoots great groups. It is 'way more accurate than me. With the Aimpoint CompC3 sight it really nailed the bull's-eye at 25 yards, the max that my local indoor range can handle.

    With the CompC3 this is a very light and handy rifle. Someone could really enjoy this piece out in the woods, hunting, etc. because it is just so darned light. A nice touch is that it has sling studs if you wanted to add a sling.

    The bolt was very stiff (not rough: stiff) at first, but seemed to loosen up and smooth out as I continued to shoot. My groups were very tight; certainly on a par with my CZ rifles.

    The trigger on the RAR is extremely good. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed a lot like a VQ drop in trigger that is on my 10/22. That is quite a compliment. No doubt about it, Ruger is telling the truth when they call this a "marksman's trigger." For once Ruger did not create a "lawyer's trigger" LOL. :cryinglaugh:

    Really going to enjoy this rifle. Got it home and cleaned it up, which is very easy since it is a bolt action rifle. Put some Hoppes Gun Oil on the bolt to help loosen it up some. I hope to get it to the range again this weekend.
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