Ruger American Rimfire .22WMR Redux

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    Well, I decided to put a modest scope on the new Ruger American Rimfire .22WMR, and put about 100 rounds through it today. I chose the relatively modest Leupold VX-1. This is a picture of the rifle with the scope. The scope is mounted with Weaver topside moun6s (the rifle is drilled and tapped for them) and Leupold aluminum low rings:

    This was the rifle's second range outing, and the bolt has smoothed down tremendously from when I first brought the RAR home last week. It still takes a bit more oomph to work the bolt than my CZ 452/455 rifles, but the bolt action is not bad at all. On the other hand the trigger on the Ruger is notably superior to the quite good triggers on the CZs. Here are my best groups of the day at 25 yards shooting off a sandbag. Each of these targets is one 9 round magazine. I am pretty satisfied with the accuracy of the RAR.