Ruger American Rifle All Weather Compact

Discussion in 'Ruger Rifle Forum' started by sockeye, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. sockeye

    sockeye New Member

    Anyone shoot or own one and what was your opinion, thinking about getting one in 7mm-08 95% of my hunting is under 200 yards, would this be an ideal combo for deer size game?
  2. spikedriver

    spikedriver Active Member

    Never owned a 7-08, but I know it has a terrific reputation for deer hunting. I'd say, go ahead. It should work great. 308 or 243 would probably have wider ammo choices and availability though. But, where I live rifles are not allowed for deer so 7-08 is not common. It might be completely different where you are.

  3. 00b5

    00b5 Member

    I have the full size RAR all weather in 7mm-08. I agree with Spikedriver that the .308 has a lot better selection of ammo both factory and reload. Depending where you hunt this would help in custom tuning for the size deer locally (monster or dogs with antlers) and if you branch out and try for other game. Hogs?
    My 7mm-08 does like to kick even though I've put a muzzle brake on it. Not finished with that yet. The compact will add some more kick because of the lighter weight overall. Trade off for the ease of carrying it through the woods. I am shooting a 150 gr Barnes TTSX reload.
    I will be putting it to the test with a hog hunt in FL.
  4. VThillman

    VThillman Active Member

    I once owned a tang safety 77 in 7X57 Mauser (the 7MM-08's ballistic twin). It favored 140gr bullets, but the rest of it I don't remember.