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Found this great forum while searching the 'net. Figured some
of you would be knowledgeable about my questions.

While asking around on other forums about a less expensive
bolt action in .204 the Predator was brought up. MSRP is
$499 which looks to be a good buy if the rifle will group
well. The main problem I've read so far is that the
magazine can be problematic, but that they are good
shooters. The stock is rated as "flimsy" but that can
be remedied.

The .204 Predator seems to be fairly rare out there.
Haven't found one yet. Anyone know where a guy
could find one?

Anyone have any experience with these rifles?

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Welcome to RugerTalk,

Glad you joined.

Sorry I dont have any info on the Predator,
but the .204 is an awesome ,flat shooting round.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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