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Hi all new to the form.

Just wanted to pass along some information regarding the American Mag. Mine was very loose in the gun and wouldn't feed the 3rd round in the mag. Called Ruger and they are sending me a new mag.

In the mean time I have done a temporary fix that works for the old mag.

I have added 2 pieces of duct tape on the front of the mag release. It makes it nice and sung in the gun and allows me to feed all rounds. I will use this mag as a Spain when the new one comes in but it works for now.

Here are some pictures of the mag. If I had black Duct tape it would look better lol.

Hope this helps

ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1484074820.462251.jpg ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1484074843.338455.jpg ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1484074872.067229.jpg


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