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  1. Sportymonk

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    I am seriously looking at the Ruger American in 9mm. Some say it is not suitable for EDC. I currently carry IWB a S&W Shield 20 oz empty. The American is 30 oz empty so a lot heavier and bigger. BUT some like the American Compact which is only 27-28 oz and if you put the 17 rd magazine in, it would be close to the same size.

    So the question is, does anybody carry the American full size IWB? I think the issue is a combination of the weight and width.

  2. greg_r

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    I carry a full size 1911. I swap it between IWB and OWB, depending. Good belt and good holster, no problems. The 1911 is larger and heavier than the American.

  3. phideaux

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    I carry a heavy gun IWB, and OWB...

    Sig 1911 UC
    in a Remora IWB with sweat shield works for me, should be the cats meow for the American.


  4. Tommycourt

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    I carry the Ruger SR1911 9mm with an outside the holster. Granted is becomes a little heavy with our heat but you get used to it. When I carried my .45 LW Commander, it was still heavy. Another thing that may be of concern is how you want to carry all the time and your body shape. I am 5'10" and weigh 165lbs. We all have different bodies and different shapes. The IWB would not be comfortable for me due to my shape and when temps hit 110-115. The 9mm is much lighter, slimmer and easier to carry. That is MHO!

  5. Oldhand

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    Just remember for in the waste band to work you need the next larger waste size ;)pants. Other wise it won't be comfortable.
  6. 67stingray

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    I bought my son a full size RAP and a owb kydex holster from the holster wasn't cheap but has adjustable tension and holds tighter to the body than any holster I've seen. Like others on here have said it's lighter than the 1911 and a lot of people carry them iwb. That type of carry is just not comfortable to me. Good luck
  7. Sportymonk

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    My son and I went to the range today and focused primarily on the Ruger American. He also tried the Ruger LC 9S. He loved it, much more than my S&W Shield. I really like the Ruger American 9 mm but towards the end, there a time on the range the medium back strap came slipped down about half an inch I pushed it back in later it slipped out again and I pulled it came off. I put it back home and I was able to shoot with no problem. But when I talked to the rental person and informed him of the backstrap issue, he made a remark that sounded like it was a Ruger. I asked him do you have issues with all the backstrap’s and he said no just Ruger. He may be at Glock person. Anybody else have this issue?
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  8. 67stingray

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    Sportymonk, I've not heard or seen anyone having issues with the back straps on the RAPs. I took my my son to an intense 4 day defensive handgun course and he has had no issues. Could be they damaged it not knowing how to change them out. I would not worry about it plus Ruger has the best customer service in the business.