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Ruger American 22lr 22" vs 18"

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Hey guys,
What do you think 22" or the smaller compact version 18"? Then after that threaded muzzle or don't bother. (Threaded muzzle cost extra $50)

What do you guys thing?
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The barrel length - in .22 LR - is 99.9% irrelevant for accuracy or velocity. I don't understand the value of hanging anything on the muzzle other than a suppressor. You want to do that?

1. The opinions above are those of a old geezer killjoy. ;)
2. If you intend to hang around, you ought to introduce yourself. A moderator will probably give you the details. At least he won't need to warn you about me.
I haven't considered putting a suppressor on it yet but I imagine that it would be a rifle that I would have for life so it would be good to have the option. I think I will get the 18" with threaded muzzle.

To reply to your second note VThillman I am a 15 year old boy named Loch from Australia who wants to take up shooting with his dad.
Hey Loch,
Thanks for joining Rugertalk, young man,

It does my heart good to see a young man interested in shooting.

I do think the 18" with a threaded barrel is a good choice.

Stick around and let us know how it shoots for ya.

I'm going to move your first thread here , over to introductions, so all the folks here get to meet you.
If you want to get even more input on the rifle...heck, start another thread on it.

Even post us some pics of it.

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