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    I have a savage model 93 17HMR that blew up on me this weekend. I had a round blowout near the primer rim and set off a round in the magazine. I have sent the gun to savage for repair and the ammo to Remington for evaluation. When I get everything back I'm thinking of going with the Ruger model 8324 22 Magnum. Does anybody have any reviews on this yet?
    Here are the pictures of the 17 HMR.
    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1485566397.613525.jpg
    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1485566413.143462.jpg
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    Welcome, gunny. Glad you're still operational, after that hoo-hah. The write-up at is informative. Google om ruger 8324 to see it. That search will give hits on other data too.

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    I've got the non-compact version 8322. It is accurate, and so far reliable. It comes with the two stock inserts to adjust the comb height. Low for open sights, and high for use with a scope.

    The only difference between the compact and the standard is the length of the stock inserts, and you can buy the inserts online, if you want to change the length of pull. I bought the compact inserts so my daughter who is five foot tall, can shoot it comfortably.
  4. oohrahgunny

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    Ok, thanks for the info. I just looked at the 8322. I like that model and it has the threaded barrel for future suppression.