Ruger 10 22 Sloppy triger moving side to side up and down

Discussion in 'Ruger 10/22' started by billyge, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Just bought a ruger10 22. Brand new from Dicks Sporting Goods yesterday. Opened the box trigger moves side to side and up and down. Dicks tells me nothing we can do for you. Ruger tells will take 2 to 3 weeks for repair. I guess when you buy garbage you get garbage.
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    Ruger is hardly garbage and you didn't buy garbage. You happened it seems to have gotten a gun with a problem which sometimes happens. Ruger probably has the best customer service in the industry. I agree nobody likes getting a problem gun and I have had a couple that had a problem but I was well pleased when I got them back rather quickly from Ruger thanks to their superb customer service/warranty. Bang for buck a Ruger gun can't hardly be beat.
    It would be appreciated if you would go to the introductory sub forum and introduce yourself to the members. Keep us informed about your gun and service from Ruger.

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    Hey buster,
    I do not agree with this statement you made: ... "Ruger probably has the best customer service in the industry".

    Through the years I've dealt with five (that I can remember) CS departments of gun makers.

    Ruger is not "probably" the best, they ARE THE BEST, hands down the best no doubt about it.
    I'm reluctant to tell of the horror story's I've encountered with a couple of well known high end gun makers because, well, just because.

    Any manufacturer of anything can and will have a problem from time to time.
    It doesn't make their product garbage. As a matter of fact, 10/22's are widely known as some of the best .22's on the market.

    Ruger will take care of you if you give em a chance to....... Can't say the same about a couple of other big names in gun making.
    BTW, there's two Top Brands I'll never buy again, only because of poor CS! The firearms were quality but CS was sadly lacking.

    You did not buy garbage.
    Two ~ Three weeks is kinda long for Ruger. Wonder why they told you that? Maybe they want to double check for you, just to be sure......
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    Fantastic attitude! :roll eyes: Keep in mind you bought a mass produced assembly line budget priced .22lr carbine. Certainly not taking anything away from Ruger but it's not a finely tuned, hand fitted German made, Olympic level shooter. For a casual plinker, it's likely a simple fix once the reason is determined. As for returning it to Ruger, I can only guess from the tone and wonderful wording for a first post, someone expected all resources to halt production and care for this one return and ensure it was nothing shy of a 200% perfect match grade extravaganza. :rolleyes:
    Of course there's also the other vantage point... For each and every firearm I've purchased, over 100 of them, I've had the firearm directly in front of me to examine, handle, look over, etc. THAT is the time to catch these things! Once that 4473 is done and approved, that's YOUR firearm, not the shop you bought it from.
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    Live & Learn, check it out before you sign for it...
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    ANY time there is a mass produced product there is going to be defects in some of the items. It cannot be helped. It is the nature of mass production.

    Quality control is ALWAYS going to be a human component, which means there will be mistakes.

    I am no Ruger apologist, I can only go by what I experience, and that is that their customer service has been top notch.

    I do my own gun work maybe 90% of the time but, there are times when a buddy or I have needed a part or such and it made no sense to pay for it myself when the manufacturer would send a prepaid shipping label, replace the part, perform a clean and inspection and return the gun all on their own dime. An example... recoil spring assembly, broken striker, etc.

    If I or my buddies were independently wealthy, maybe I would never send a gun in, but when it saves me $50 (including shipping), I am going to take advantage of it.

    That being said, as others have pointed out, Ruger has, in my experienced opinion, a wonderful customer service that will make good on any problem (unless of course it is a discontinued model, in which case I have not known any gun manufacturer that will work free and that is IF they will even work on it) especially a manufacturer defect.

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    Put an aftermarket trigger in it.