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  1. fredc

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    I'm looking for a rim fire weapon used for informal target shooting and plinking. I have a couple, and I'm not going to say what I have because I want everyone to just give me their opinion on a rim fire that I might already own. I just want a rim fire that is fun to shoot and I don't care if it's a rifle or pistol, just one I can enjoy shooting with my buddies.
  2. RL Johnson

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    Gosh that is hard to answer. I have five in my stable. The 10/22 is hard to beat and it can look like anything you might want. The options are unlimited. I also have an old lever action as John Wayne was my hero. I have a Mark III with a silencer that is great fun. The SR 22 is a great little pistol and is very ammo friendly. I also have a 22/22 mag revolver from Taurus.
    I guess I would ask what’s wrong with what you already have? You might get better answers that way.

  3. paulruger

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    You can't go wrong with a 10/22!
  4. Fireman22

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    I find that any of my .22's bring a smile to my face.

    If I want to shoot using a .22 pistol, I currently only have a New Model Single-Six and a Mark II. They're both great fun. When I shoot with my dad, he uses his SR22. I enjoy the SR22 as well but I'm more likely to use my older pistols as I think they're just more fun.

    When I want to shoot a .22 rifle, my new go-to gun is the Mannlicher 10-22 I recently purchased. (Love that gun. I've already put about 1,000 rounds through it on two trips to the range.) I also like to regularly use my grandfather's old Glenfield Model 25. It's not a competition rifle by any account but the old bolt action is nice as it slows down my ammo consumption.

    Both of those rifles have scopes on them so when I'm in the mood to shoot with open sights I'll use my Remington 550-1 or the Marlin Model 60. Having the tubular magazines on these rifles is nice as it gives me more ammo capacity. (I live in one of the restricted states so my detachable magazines must be ten rounds or less. One of these days, I get a few pre-bans for the 10-22 so I can pretend I live in a free state.)

    The only other .22 in my collection is another Remington, a model 521-T, but that's not as much fun at the outdoor range as it has a peep sight. I find that peep sight too difficult to see through on bright days.

    I did have the opportunity to shoot an M&P 15-22 a while back and it was fun, but I prefer a more traditional rifle.

    Someday I'd like to get a pump action .22 as well as a lever action .22. They seem like they would be a blast to shoot.

    Good luck in your search for a fun plinker.
  5. Frontiersman

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    You didn't say rifle or handgun.

    The MK series pistols are all great.
    I really enjoy the single sixes
    You can't beat a 10-22 rifle
  6. fredc

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    As they say " you can't have too many guns. I just found out that Henry has finally started to produce more Henry Golden boy Silver in 22lr, 22mag and 17 HMR which I've always wanted a Silver and I already have a Henry golden bow 22lr, so I have to decide between 22 mag or 17 HMR Help me out guys, over all the mag. is a little cheaper than the 17 but not very much.
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    I have a few different rimfire rifles, and pistols, but this is one of my favorite "sticks". For the money I paid for this Marlin XT22M, I was really surprised in it's function and accuracy.
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  9. SGW Gunsmith

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    Henry Rifles are assembled just down the road from me, in Rice Lake, WI. If I needed to choose between the .17 HMR and the .22 Magnum, I'd go with the .22 Magnum, and here's why. The variety of .22 Magnum ammunition is much more affluent than what's offered in the .17 HMR caliber.
  10. Carl Crosby

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    I love my mid-'80s 77 22, which I got (in the '80s...half price!) from a gun store that was going out of business...$160 OTD.:D I look at the prices nowadays,:eek: and no way I could afford it!
    A MK IV Standard model pistol would seem like a good choice, also.
    Just for the fun of it, I think a Marlin model 60 would be a good choice, but it has a terribly heavy trigger...about like my 10-22, before I put a Volquartsen trigger in it. Good luck in your search!
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