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  1. buster40c

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    A couple years ago I decided to go with carrying a revolver because of its simplicity, safety and reliability. I have had many different calibers and makes of semi autos and the same with revolvers. I don't think any of the semi autos were without a failure of some kind yet that basically wasn't true with my revolvers.

    My LCR did jam on me once due to a split casing that let a bullet move forward against the frame. Other than that it has never failed to fire. My 30 year old inexpensive yet quality $200 Rossi revolvers go bang every time also. My $900 S&W 627-5 goes bang every time ever since taking it out of the box new. My Match Champion did have a cylinder lock up problem shortly after buying but no problem after Ruger fixed it.

    I just bought a Ruger semi auto MKIV and shooting with Aguila 22lr it jammed the first three rounds of each magazine with rounds stoved angled upward. My MKII did the same thing with the Aguila. Neither of these MK guns failed with other ammo. Point is the semi autos failed. Was the ammo the cause? I believe yes it was. But the point is made, the semi auto guns jammed.

    I just bought an LC9s and it had one jam by fail to feed during one range trip and one round failed to fire on another range trip. I realize it is a new gun but still it failed to perform as it should. I don't buy into break in periods as I think that's just a poor excuse for a gun leaving the factory with poor machining. Could the problems been an ammo problem and not the gun? Yes I believe that was the problem. But still the gun had to be cleared before it could be shot again. Semi auto failed to fire.

    Reliability of the revolver again has proven to me being superior to a semi auto. I will continue carrying my LCR.

    I agree to each his own still applies.
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  2. MagBlackhawk

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    Yes that's why I have trust issues with auto loaders.
    I've had a couple of .380's that worked Every Single Time. Like an idiot I sold them to 'upgrade' to a nine.
    Two 9mm's later and now I'm on the search for one that will work ... Every Time. :gaah:
    I don't trust a semi-auto till it goes at least 600 rounds without a failure using ANY type of quality ammo.
    I'm thinking a 1911 in 9mm might be my next attempt. Some say the smaller 1911's can be problematic.
    Maybe I should just bail on the idea and get an LCR, SP101, GP100! :confused:

  3. SavageGuy

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    I'm a fan of the revolver for the same reasons listed. Never had a stove pipe with my revolvers

    Still, at this point in time, I don't have a good carry revolver. So I carry my Lc9s. Speaking of which, I'm going to go shoot it tomorrow.........
  4. greg_r

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    I really like my LCR. Never had a problem with it. It's a regular carry.

    That said, I have had revolvers jam. Three times, as a matter of fact. Once was a mechanical issue with the crane and ejector rod, twice was ammunition issues.

    I agree that revolvers are inherently more trouble free than aemi autos, but if a semi-auto jams, you can usually clear it. A revolver on the other hand, often means a visit with a smith.
  5. lovetoshoot

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    I have a GP100 that I love, but it is way too heavy to carry. I also have an EAA Windicator .357 that I do carry, and it seems to be a really good revolver. I keep looking at an SP101. Is that a pretty good gun?
  6. buster40c

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    I had an SP101 327 magnum that I didn't care for the heavy DA trigger. Quite a few here have them and have done trigger kits on them and say the trigger then is very good. My 327 with the stock grips was a hand punisher which installed Hogue Tamers made a huge difference. The 327 ammo as well as the .32 S&W round are both more expensive ammo. The SP101 in 357 would be the way I would go if I was to buy another SP101. The SP101 is a very attractive and well built revolver.
    Personally I like the LCR 357 because it is so easily concealed and it has a great trigger action.I can shoot 38 special with it also.
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  7. MagBlackhawk

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    Yes. :Cooltu:
  8. SavageGuy

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    The sp101 is a very nice gun.......
  9. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    I have a couple of revolvers and a bunch of semi-autos. The revolvers are almost jam free and semi autos can jam. I still believe in 1911's as a choice of carry. I know they are big and heavy BUT I can clear one danged fast and be back in action in a hurry should I need to. It's a matter of choice on what YOU are comfortable with and what YOU want to carry. I just bought a SR1911LW commander 9mm (I have no legit reason for buying it as you will see on another thread) but I still like to shoot that big fat 230gr. bullet when I carry. Sure it's big and slow BUT it I have total confidence in it.

  10. phideaux

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    I have carried several different revolvers over the years.
    Even a Taurus Tracker 44 mag, OWB 4" barrel, at one time.
    Rossi .357 , which I really liked. Charter arms Bulldog .44 special. S&Ws,

    I just feel so comfortable with my compact 1911.

    If I were going to carry a Revolver today , I know it would be the LCR .357 or an SP101.

    My wife loves her LCR .38

  11. Uncle_Louie

    Uncle_Louie 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

    I have carried a number of different guns over the years and here they are in order.

    Smith 36, Colt Officers, Smith 60, Smith 37, Cold Mustang, Colt Pony, Ruger LCP, Ruger LC9s

    Never fell in love with one still looking for true love.
  12. buster40c

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    Try the LCR 357.^^
  13. SHOOTER13

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    If I just miss 'em with this cannon...they'll still die of a heart attack !!