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request some help

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gentlemen, sorry to be asking a non-ruger question, if that is allowable.
i always try to cross match all of my revolvers/pistols with rifles/carbines
if possible. have done this with my .22 cal. pistols/revolvers with the
ruger 10/22 carbine, my 9mm, my .38/.357 revolvers, but can not find
a high point .45 cal. carbine any where. their hand guns are questionable,
but my friends with their carbines swear by them. any suggestions?
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I also pairup my hand guns and long guns in same calibers.

I do have a Hi Point 4595TS semi auto carbine.
I have never had a sinle problemwith it, never one FTE or FTF.

Thats using some factory ammo, but mostly my reloads.

Fun gunat 50 yards.

I also have a C9 pistol and its a rock also, and dead on accurate.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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