Republiucans don't have a runner?

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by buster40c, Oct 15, 2015.

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    After watching the Democrat debates I have to laugh when people say the Republicans really don't have a potential runner for the nomination. I watched a few clips from the Democrat debates and I thought the Democrats running come off like a bunch of total losers.
    Hillary the yet to be tried criminal that has the guts to even stand up on the stage.
    Sanders who practically defended Hillary...what a joke...hey moron you are running against her not supposed to defend her.
    The all appear as nothing but fill ins for a line up.
    Good lord our country is in real trouble. The Democrats better wake up to the fact the working people don't have any more to give to the Democrat equal free for all. When the heck is Hillary going to realize the working class isn't responsible for providing a better life for immigrants coming illegally into our country? In case they haven't noticed there is also a big voice against gun confiscation. Take our money and our guns is less than a poor crap shoot for winning an election in this country now. Just adds more question of whether liberal dumbocrats can read. All I can say is if the Democrats win 2016 then it will be proof the dead have been resurrected to vote along with all the refugees and illegals being given the right to vote. No wonder the Democrats don't want voter ID.