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Remington 700 AAC range report

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Took my new to me Remington 700 AAC 300 Blackout to the range today. The holes in the center are my 168grn reloads of 18.8 grns AA1680 and Col of 2.2 " The upper holes are 120 grn Remington factory. All shots at 100 yards.


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That ain't bad shooting for the first time at the range. With a little more dialing in, you should be able to hit a silver dollar consistently at a hundred yards. I would send you a silver dollar but at the moment I am broke. Good shooting though!!!!

Thanks, I was pleasantly surprised my first hand loads in this caliber did so well. If I wasn't wearing bi-foals I probably could have done better. At least with this new prescription I can wear my glasses and use the scope, my last one I would have to shoot without glasses on.:D
Not bad shooting. My 300 BLK rifles are among my most accurate. You need one of these.
They say ya don't , *** *** on the first date.

You came pretty close.:D

First time out, first try reloads, Ill take it.

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greg_r, got me confused with someone with bigger pockets. Looks like a great stock though. :D Phideaux, thanks my thoughts exactly.
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