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Red Label 12

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I have a Red Label 12 gauge, mfg in 1986. Great shotgun. Both barrels are skeet and there isn't a day during dove season that I don't drop my limit. Smooth shooter. Wish I had another!
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How do you like it? I just saw a new Ruger Red Label 12 Gauge O/U at a LGS for 1500. Was tempted as I'm looking for a nice skeet gun. Though pumps are always cheaper.
I always thought the 12 and 20 Red Labels were heavy, but the 28 was dreamy. I had two over the years and wish I hadn't sold them, but I had no use for either. I was saving up for a Gold Label when they quit making them, but for the price they're going for now, I might as well save a little more and buy a Merkel 1620.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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