Red dot on a RAP 45

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    I'm pretty sure i have mentioned i wasn't that fond of the rear sight on the new Ruger American 45 i just got so i was thinking of trying one of the mini red dots on it. Being fairly new on the market there really are few 3rd party parts for it so finding a way to mount the thing was a problem. My gun smith tried for a couple of weeks to find someone who sold a mount for it, but was having little success. Finally he took a Novac mount and made it fit. Picked it up from him this morning and will go to the range this afternoon to see how it will work. He did a quick bore sight on it, but i know it will take a few rounds to get it on target.

    With just a little trim work it fits right into my IWB Alien Gear holster and it fits very nice and plenty snug enough i won't have to worry about it falling out if i have to move around a bit of bend over. Here is what it looks like in the holster and second pic is what it looks like out side of the holster. Hopefully with practice it will be a little faster on target than standard sights.

    Sorry about the extra steps to see the pic, but my new cloud does things a different way than i am used to. Just click on the OPEN and it will show you the pic. The server isn't in the US so it takes a few seconds for the picture to come up, hang in there.