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Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by chipmeister62, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. chipmeister62

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    I have a P85 9mm, and its cousin, the P91dc in .40. I’m happy with their performance. They were very affordable (each under $240, in very good used condition). They seem VERY solid, like they were really built to last. I’m a fairly large guy with bigger than average hands, and I find their weight and grip to be fine to deal with. The only thing I’m not wild about on both of these pieces are the sights.

    My question: Am I totally missing the boat on the newer offerings from Ruger? SR9, American pistol, Security 9, etc.? Would the newer models enchant me so much that I will want to get rid of the P series? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  2. rugertoter

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    If it ain't broke, why fix it? I would keep them...just add some of the others to them.
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  3. RL Johnson

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    You already have two, what is wrong with three or four or more?
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    I actually own both the compact and full size models of the 9mm American Pistol. I love them both! They are build like tanks and I have not had one malfunction! I’m confident in saying that there is not any other striker fired pistol on the market that is built as rugged as the American. Also, unlike hammer fired guns, striker fired pistols, like the American, are easier to carry due to their sleek profiles.

    Whatever you decide I would not get rid of your P series pistols. Striker fired pistols are all the rage these days but there are advantages to having hammer fired double action/single action pistols. Secondary shots on a light primer strike is just one example. I am getting a CZ-75BD for this very reason.
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  5. quirky

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    That's the gun I really wanted but settled on the EC9 because of budget restraints. I have no regrets because it's the first auto loader I was ever able to shoot the first time out one handed and from both sides with not one single hiccup. Which is very important to me because I only shoot one handed.

    However, I know I have to go easy on it at the range. I've seen nothing that impresses me as much as that American. That gun there is a range blaster that you can also carry comfortably and concealable.
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    I bought an American for my son for his 21st birthday and took him out to Nevada for a 4 day defensive handgun course where he shot over 600 rounds, it done really well with no problems. He actually out shot me using a P345, I have thought about getting one myself but afraid it would end up just sitting in the safe due to the amount of firearms I own. I would certainly recommend it but don't get rid of your P series.
  7. greg_r

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    I won't knock the P series. They are good ones, but not for me. I don't like slide mounted safeties.

    The American is a very good duty quality handgun that is available without a manual safety at all, or that has a frame mounted safety that is on the frame where God and John Moses Browning intend for a safety to be. My American is the compact pro model.

    I have the Security 9 as well. I predict it will eventually have the same legacyas the P series.
  8. buster40c

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    The P series like many other models has become a name in history but if it fits your needs and likes then no need to so called upgrade.
    I feel what I have now works for me and I don't want to buy another safe for a new queen to fill.

    I guess if/when they come out with a new gun that makes bullets obsolete then I will be checking into an updated gun.