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    I was wondering if anybody here is using the RCBS handy dandy rotors. I was loading my .45 brass today and in the chart it states that a #10 rotor will dispense 6.9 grns. of Power Pistol. In fact, after weighing about 10 rounds the most I could get was 6.7grns. of powder. I wanted 6.9grns as it is a hot powder and the max load shows 7.3 grns. Since Alliance has bought out Olin and Winchester and are a major distributor of powder, have they changed the composition of the powder? In other words, are they making it more flaky than what they used before. In using my other rotors for different powders, there may be a .01 grn. difference than what the chart shows and the actual amount. I am very diligent when weighing my powder. I wonder about W231 vs HP38 as they are supposed to be the same, however, I believe that the HP38 is a little more "grainer" than W231? I loaded 50 rounds today and will try them out on Sunday. I know it's better to be lighter than heavier, however some powders have seemed to have been changed. Does anyone have any experience with the rotors and if so, what rotor can I use to take it up to 6.9-7.0 grns. with out using the trickle powder dispenser after emptying my rotor? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well I don't know about RCBS rotors, but I just got started on a fresh batch of HP38.
    My last supply of Win 231 was about three years old when I ran out. I found some HP38 so I bought two pounds. :) $22.80 Each, Cool. :D

    As far as appearance goes, both powders look exactly the same to me, flakes and all.
    Are they the same? The jury is still out on that one........ At this point I'm thinking maybe not exactly the same.

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    The chart is not going to be exactly exact on all of those those weights. Too many variables. Even humidity will affect the rotor's powder weight it drops .
    Only a measure with an adjustable cavity will let you dial in an exact weight. Like the Lyman 55, it has three adjustable slides.
    Never trust any chart. drop a charge and weigh it, actually drop 10 and take the average. Whatever the fixed sized rotor drops is what it is. Might try enlarging the rotor cavity but that's iffy at best.
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    I called RCBS and talked to them today and the rep said that it is NOT unusual for the rotors to be off depending on the powder that is used. The rep himself said that he has used Power Pistol in the past and he has had the same results. My rotor was off by .030 less than the chart showed which I am grateful for. Had it been more than the chart I might have had some problems. I do find in using Bullseye, W231, and Titegroup, the rotors seem to be right on +or- .010 which is acceptable. My reason for posting this thread was to bring to attention the fact was the rotor was off and to advise others, that when reloading and using Power Pistol, to SLOWLY start at the bottom of the chart and work your way up. This is a hot powder and one must exercise caution when loading pistol loads. I don't know about rifle, you would have to ask Jim as he has used it for rifle. I also talked to the rep about if the load was low and he stated I could use a piece of cardboard as a filler. DO NOT try to bore out the rotor to achieve a hotter load!!!! Strickly a NO NO!!!

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    Thanks for pointing this out to the folks here, not just those that use the rotors,
    But also that Power Pistol powder is to be loaded with much accuracy , because of its makeup, potency and fast burn rate.

    I like the powder, I use it, but don't play around , experimenting with it.

    Stick to the mfg recommendations and charts.

    And always start low and work up , with all loads , but especially with this type.

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    Tommycourt, I too use the rotors and have found some off by as much as one rotor size. You must use them with a scale to verify the load, I usually get as close as I can to the desired amount and then have a cup of powder to dip additional as needed to get the desired amount. Lot of extra work, but I know there is powder in each case.:eek: